Hollow Block Machine

Hollow Block Machine

The Hollow Block Machines which are produced under the name of VESS brand reach to customers in 6 stages. These stages respectively consist of Project DesignMechanical ManufacturingHydrolic ManufacturingElectrical Automation,Primer and Paint ManufacturingShipment and Montage. Our Hollow Block Machine capacities are depending on the product which you choose. We have very different kind of types for every sector including big or small businesses,fully automatic ,automatic and semi-automatic options.

We have also reduced our second hand hollow block machine prices to the appropriate level in the direction of customer's second hand machines requests. We have established Presmak Which has a new reputation in the line with  heavy demand realated to second hand Hollow BlockPaving Block  and Concrete Plants sales, repair and maintenance.  

Our company which has started the Hollow Block Machines production 10 years ago with the innovation and compliance of technology completed its development and improved the works. Today we  have completely removed the term manual hollow block machine in the manufacture of hollow block machines and replaced them with semi-automatic hollow block machines. We are now introducing semi-automatic  hollow block machine to our customers at the same price and new technology  instead of manual  hollow block machines. We have also prevented you from encountering very high prices to set up a hollow block making factory. We minimized costs of Semi- Automatic Hollow Block Machine Plant and Hollow Block Making Factory.

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We can clarify  the question which comes from our customers of  how is the hollow block can be produced . You can produce hollow block when you buy these machines from our company,especially these types of Semi-Automatic,Automatic and Fully automatic .Semi-automatic machines have high labor cost as automation.The higher the automation the lower the labor costs. For instance there is no need worker at the line of production of fully automatic  hollow block machine.You have to get minimum 4 workers at the semi automatic hollow block machine plants.
We had the  new way started in this section  as submitting our price policy clearly complete with  its specification on  our web page and we made hollow block machine (Pumice Machine) prices suitable and affordable for you. We also increased our confidence in our products a high  level with the 2+3 years extented to guarantee  our machines. In this  sector we  have increased  technical support and service process to higher level as  5 years.

Our company which aims of quality and customer satisfaction is as close as a phone to you.You can take information and technical support from us by calling 7/24  customer care. You can benefit from all our services because of  choosing our  company.

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VESS which has been an organization of Beyazlı Group has begun the commercial activities as manufacturing Hollow Block Machines, Concrete Plants, Moulding Industry  since 2007. It is a leader of industry sector which aims to grow rapidly with the experienced and expert staff...


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