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Thanks to the New Promotion of paving block making machine that we have organized, we provide you with the opportunity to establish a turnkey plant without the necessity of other companies' products. We have many models of block making machines available for Multinational Companies and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Automatic Paving Block Making Machines, Full Automatic Paving Block Making Machines, Finger Car System of Full Automatic Paving Block Making Machines.

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Paving Block Making Machine Price | Price of Paver Machine | Interlock Paving Block Machine Price

Paving Machine Code

Paving Production Capacity

Paving Machine Maxi Plant Price

Paving Machine Mini Plant Price

Vess 10.1 700 m2 / 8 H 253 775 Euro 150 000 Euro
Vess 10.2 700 m2 / 8 H 283 775 Euro 200 000 Euro
Vess 12.1 1000 m2 / 8 H 305 303 Euro 250 000 Euro
Vess 12.2 1000 m2 / 8 H 367 135 Euro 307 000 Euro

Paving Block Machines with a capacity of 700 m2

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Version 1
Version 2 Version 3

700 m2 of paving blocks per day

Automatic paving block machine 

700 m2 of paving blocks per day

Full Automatic paving block machine 

700 m2 of paving blocks per day

Finger Car paving block machine 


PARKE TAŞI bordür çim taşı yağmur oluğu taşı briket taşı asmolen
paver block making machine,Automatic paving block making machine, green color paver making machine


According To Established Infrastructure And Experienced Staff 24-Hour Online Support Secure Trading With Fixed Price Guarantee Business Terms For All BudgetsEasy Communication With The Customer Representative With Preferred LanguageInternational Contract With Preferred Language Product Supply At One Point Through Campaigns On Time Production - On Time Delivery – Montage Stocked And Findable Spare Parts Everywhere Ability To Keep Track Of Live Production Process On Web Site Ability To Keep Track Of Live Shipment Products On Website Free Infrastructure Project Free Commissioning And Test Production Free Operator Training And Certification Able To Buy With Term With Private Bank AgreementsLeasing And The Possibility To Trade With Letter Of Credit Warranty Period Can Be Extended Up To 2 + 3 = 5 Years We Guarantee That Intervene Time Globally Is Maximum 72 - 120 Hours.


Project Design



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shiping of paving block making machine to Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Middle East


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Paving Block Making Machine

There is a lot of denomination relative to a Paving Block (Paver) Making Machine. The technology we use for the manufacture of our paving block making machine meets European standards. They are applied by pouring a standard concrete foundation, spreading sand on top, and then laying the pavers in the desired pattern. No actual adhesive or retaining method is used other than the weight of the paver itself except edging. Pavers can be used to make roads, driveways, patios, walkways and other outdoor. The technological part of the machines is generally similar to Siemens technology because we are using some Siemens equipment. The use of the latest technology on these paving block making machine has made a difference in terms of quality. Block paving also known as brick paving is a commonly used decorative method of creating a pavement or hardstanding. The main benefit of bricks over other materials is that individual bricks can later be lifted up and replaced. This allows for remedial work to be carried out under the surface of the paving without leaving a lasting mark once the paving bricks have been replaced. Some explanations are given below regarding the different descriptions of the Paving Block Making Machine. 

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Paver Making Machine

Paver making machine is just another denomination of a Paving Block Making Machine. Paver or Pavers may refer to Paver (flooring), a multi-shaped, multi-colored piece of brick, concrete or tile. A paving block or paver is building material used to make pavements (architecture). The paver making machine has the ability to produce a paver with a minimum height of  2 cm. Depending on the system, the machine produces between 12 and 96 paving blocks in a single press. All kinds of spare parts can be found easily. The electric consumption is at the minimum level. This machine cannot be moved, it is a stationary machine. It makes low noise with silent engine pumps. It requires technical assistance for installation. For a plant with these features the recommended installation, curing – drying and the stock area is minimum 1.500 m².


Paver Block Making Machine

A Paver Block Making Machine is also a name for the Paving Block Making Machine. Paving blocks are manufactured in the required shape and sizes. Our Paver Block Making machine has all the features required for producing different types of paver blocks. Our technology allows the machine to produce different types of pavers. Our machine is reliable, robust and solid enough to produce quality blocks. Because we are selling machines all around the world, it is important for us to manufacture a paver block making machine that can meet the need of various customers. You should know that there are different types of pavers depending on the regions of the globe. A paver in Africa is different from the one in India our Middle East. We make a machine that can be able to produce these different pavers.


Interlock Paving Block Making Machine

An Interlock Block Paving Making Machine mostly refers to Paving Block Making Machine. Interlock paving blocks exist in several dimensions and shapes. This type of material is more resistant to natural disasters. In general, the paving block walls are made of cement, gravel, and other additional materials. For this reason, we are witnessing a strengthening of the pavements with the interlock paving blocks. As you probably know, interlock pavers are flat pieces of stone or concrete, usually square in shape, that are put on the ground, for example, to make a path. We sell reliable and strong Interlock Block Paving Making Machine to produce different paving blocks. The format of the paving block depends on the choice of customers.

Interlock Paving Block Making Machine where to buy paving block making Machine


Paving Block Machine For Sale

If you search “paving block machine for sale” in an engine like Google, you will probably have millions of results. That will almost be the same number of the result if you have searched the “paving block machine price list” or another name instead. It will not be easy for you to choose the best website and then buy a machine that suits you.

Every customer should be taking into consideration some questions before buying a paving block machine for sale:

  • Is this machine reliable, robust and solid enough to produce quality blocks?
  • Does the machine have all the features required for producing different types of concrete blocks?
  • What are the prices and discounts available?
  • Do we have an alternative and cost-effective concrete block machine with the same features?


How To Buy A Paving Block Machine?

If you want to buy a paving Block Machine you should consider our pieces of advice above concerning paving block machine for sale. Our technology allows you to produce all these types of paving blocks in different colors and patterns. After purchasing the machine, we deliver three molds to the customer depending on his or her choice. The electric consumption is at the minimum level. All kinds of spare parts can be found easily. You should also know the different payment modes accepted by the company. Depending on the start time of your project you should ask for a delivery date of at least one month. Because some shipments can take more time than the prevision. To avoid this problem it is better to know the approximative delivery time.

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Paving Block Machine Price 

If you are looking for a concrete block machine for sale, you can visit our products on the website. In order to manufacture paving blocks or pavers such as interlock blocks or whatever, it is evidently necessary to have a paving block machine.  The process for manufacturing a paving block is fully automatic. However, depending on the market you can have a semi-automatic paving block machine (also called manual paving block machine) or fully automatic paving block making machine. Still, you will probably notice a considerable difference in the raw materials and molds used by every supplier of a paving block. Depending on your choice we will make a special mold (mold) to use. Paving Block Machine Price depends on the automating system and the number of paving blocks the machine can produce in a day. For Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises we have a machine for USD 49,000


Block Making Machine and Paving Block Making Machine Video

You got a lot of information about paving block making machine and block making machine now it is time to see real video of these machines, So here I am sharing our block making machine video which can produce both paving blocks and concrete blocks please see the video if you liked it you can contact me directly on this number +905326382935 (WhatsApp) for more info and to get free price list.


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