Concrete Block Making Machine For Middle East Countries

Beyazli Group Machine Industry is a successful manufacturer of Concrete Block Making Machine for more than 10 years. Being a Block Making Machine Manufacturing Industry, Our Concrete Block Plant Automation Machine System is made with perfection and with its unique features.

Our vision lies in becoming a role model in Brick and Block Making Machine industry with technology leadership, innovative products, solutions, service excellence and therefore heralding an era of irrevocable prosperity. Our product and services comply with Block Making Machine, Manual Block Making Machine, Fully Automatic Block Making Machine, Semi-Automatic block making machine, Concrete Batching Plant and Concrete Block Moulds. Based in Trabzon Turkey, we have exported our Concrete Block Making Machines across other territories and countries especially Middle East countries and South African Countries.

Concrete Block Making Machine For Middle East Countries Block Making Machine Bess Machines

The process of constructing a new Block Making Business begins with an extensive customer consultation, during which both a site and profitability assessment are carried out to determine the optimal size of the facility and/or equipment.

The new block making project plant will configure and plans according to your specifications. Whether you would like to buy a manual block making machine, Stationary machines, Fully-Automatic block making machine or block making machines molds, we will assist you with preliminary inquiries, as well as planning and project design, and put your individual project plan into action.

This includes the full planning process and implementation. Your turnkey system is constructed according to your requirements. We work with experienced engineers to deliver the highest quality. We will also assist you, when necessary, financing your Block Making Business by giving different payment systems.

Block Making Machine For Middle East Block Machine For Sale Saudi Arabia

We pride to have more than 100 successful installations in more than 20 countries. Thousands of Blocks are daily produced through our systems properly. Having experience of more than 10 years has made us a unique Block Making Machine Industry in Turkey.

We possess all the required facilities to manufacture and test high-tech equipment’s test them as per standards set by industries. Our range is highly suitable to operate for Middle East Market. We are eager to deal with importers from Middle East countries and in southern African countries.

We also offer total support and guidance to start a profitable block making business.

Semi-Automatic block making machine

It is designed to work 24 hours. It has a different automation and capacity system these machines are produced with a different capacity start from 4000 pcs of Hollow Block Production per day till 10.000 pcs of Hollow Blocks. By Changing the Mould machine can produce any types of Concrete Paving Blocks – Concrete Hollow Blocks - Insulated Bricks – Different Curbstones – Asmolen And Chimney Blocks and other kinds of blocks. which height must be between 5cm and 25 Cm.

Semi Automatic concrete Block Making Machine Semi Automatic System

Fully-Automatic Block Making Machine Systems

These machines are the best concrete block plant automation systems preferred for its effective operational value with regard to time and speed. The system is so efficient and it is a complete fully automatic block production plant. This machine comes with a different capacity system which starts from 10.000 hollow block production daily till 24000 pc of hollow blocks which height must be between 2cm and 40 cm. Mostly we are recommending this kind of machine for higher block production companies. If you are starting a new block production business our advice is to choose a small machine.

Fully Automatic concrete Block Making Machine Fully Automatic System

manual block making machine is a great block production machine for small and newly started businesses. Designed to work 24 hours. It has a high productıon capacity wıth fewer employees. All kinds of spare parts can be found easily. Electric consumption is the minimum level. It can be moved and installed easily. Low noise with silent engine pumps. It does not require technical assistance for installation. Smooth surface through producing with fine aggregate. Getting with the pre-prepared mortar can produce any kind of Blocks-Asmolen-Straphored Brick And Garden Borders which are loaded on its. Daily capacity ( 8 Hours ) 2.750 Pieces Hollow Block.

Concrete Block Making Machine Video

If you want to see concrete block making machine video here I am sharing you our machine video please look it and if you are interested you can contact us on the below-shared number.

Support even after initial start-up

Even after the actual planning and construction of your concrete block machine plant, we are on hand to provide our customers with operator and operation assistance, technical familiarization and training, customer service and marketing assistance to ensure that you receive maximum returns on your block manufacturing business.

We are there for you!

We offer friendly, expert advice based on individual solutions and are happy to answer all of your questions on block making machine plant systems and project plans. All of our employees have a thorough knowledge of our machines and can provide professional advice by telephone or by Email. You are also welcome to arrange a personal appointment and visit our factory here in Turkey Trabzon.

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