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VESS Company which is an organization of BEYAZLI GROUP started the commercial activities with manufacturing of Hollow Block machine, Concrete Batching Plant, Concrete Block machine and Mould industry in 2007. Vess Company developed and grew rapidly especially with experienced and expert staff who had been choosen with meticuolus. The Concrete Block Machine, Hollow Block machine,Concrete Batching Plant and Concrete Mould machine which were manufactured by Vesss made an important level ecomomical contribution with domestic and export sales to economy of country. Vess Company is manufacturing today at the modern facilities Concrete block Machines,Concrete Batching Plants, Hollow Block machines Concrete Mould machines and like these machines .Vess which has succeeded to show activity at international area in a short time has been servicing the market of 21 countries...


VESS Company which has been servicing with universal standards as following economical and technological advance,evaluating demands of customers, keeping the standards of quality has an aim is to make reliable production. Also our company has an aim of Concrete block - Hollow block machine, Concrete Batching plant machine production that has been servicing related to Project desing, spare part production, labor, assembly industry and after sales service. Our Company Vess which has been meeting the standards of quality, employing experienced and expert staff, giving a lot of importance to scientific research has managed to be leading of sector...


Our leading identity in the machinery sector and the belief with values that had been to forefront in the direction of research, innovation and qualification principles as using the opportunities which were provided by technology have been effective to make decision based on data.Having awareness of social responsibility , having transparency and solidarity as taking responsibility of the environment have been the main factors that have made us different. While using resources effectively, having aim with sustainable growth, corporate administrative mentality, meeting customer satisfaction and welfare of employees in order to have being carry on the company into future has our main aim. Our the most important feature which is difference from our opponents that is to form happy customer portfolio is so as not to avoid from any sacrifice for this...

VESS which has been an organization of Beyazlı Group has begun the commercial activities as manufacturing Hollow Block Machines, Concrete Plants, Moulding Industry  since 2007. It is a leader of industry sector which aims to grow rapidly with the experienced and expert staff...


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