Is your concrete block machine located far from the electric network? If there is no electricity available for your concrete block production plant then you should consider using a diesel generator.


But what type of diesel generator is suitable for your plant? It's a bit tricky choosing the right generator for your plant but we will help you step by step choose the right generator for your plant. this plant can be a concrete block making machine or any other plant.

First step: Calculating the total power.

you need to go and check all the electrical motors and write all their powers in KW. then add them and have the total power of your concrete block making machine. you need to add any additional machines that consume power as well. equipment like an air compressor, dryers, lamps, air conditioners, and anything that will be working.


now there is an important question. do all the machines and motors work together at the same time?

if the answer is yes: there is no need for a new calculation

if the answer is no: you need to know the maximum power consumption of the period when most of the motors and equipment work together.

For the concrete block making machines, the motors usually work with each other at the same time.

Second step: considering future development.
are you considering adding machinery and developing your business in the near future?

If the answer is no: there is no need for a new calculation.

If the answer is yes: you need to ask the manufacturer about the power consumption of the equipment you will buy.


for example, you have a semi-automatic concrete block machine and in the future, you are considering upgrading it to an automatic version and adding robots to the plant. this will affect the generator capacity.

Third step: Choosing the diesel generator capacity for your concrete block machine plant.

You need to use this formula: total power consumption (KW) x 3 = generator power in KVA

this is because of the difference between KVA and KW and also electrical motors sometimes require even up to 7 times more power than their numinal power to start.

This is explained simply to make it understandable for everyone. if you ask an electrical engineer there are a lot more details affecting the capacity of the generator but this formula is the simplest formula to calculate it.

here is an example:

Our customer in Georgia ordered a PRS400 semi-automatic concrete block making machine.

He told us he needs a diesel generator and he will also upgrade the machine to the automatic version.



automatic concrete block making machine motors are: 5kw+15kw+5.5kw+5.5kw+7.5kw+7.5kw+2.6kw+2.6kw=51.2kw

For the generator: 51.2kw x 3 = 153.6 kw this power is standardized by going one step higher to the standard generator. It will be 175 kva

Feel free to contact us anytime if you need to buy a generator for your machine.