As one of the Turkish leading manufacturer and supplier of block making machines, automatic and semi-automatic block making machine, VESS Machinery produces all types of automatic block making machines & semi-automatic block making machine, so you can choose different machines at an affordable price but at the top quality.

You can feel free to let us know your requirements so can get your most suitable models of block making machine. We are always ready for providing you the best service and favorable price. Our factory has more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing a different kind of block making machines.
All our customers know this very well and for years we have been working alongside them, listening to their needs in order to design and manufacture block making machine, based on proprietary design and patents, which help them to produce various kinds of concrete blocks, paving blocks, solid blocks, hollow blocks and other kinds of concrete blocks.

block making machine for sale block making machine for sale block making machine for sale

Every day, with our blocks making machines, we guarantee them quality in production, variety of formats, production speeds, cost optimizations, and assistance. Our block making machines designed, built, and tested on our factory have been designed to meet the production needs of small and medium-sized companies operating in the block production sectors.

Over the years we have been committed to constantly creating and improving a block making machine that meets the production needs of small and medium-sized runs and produces concrete blocks factories. With this in mind, we manufacture blocks making machines of considerably reduced space of the installation, compared to the other block making machine manufacturers in the market, which can be used by a single operator, which allow companies to make significant savings on the staff employed, improving production efficiency and greatly optimizing labor costs.

VESS ECO 5.1 Block Making Machine For Sale

Based on the different market needs and the concrete block manufacturer involved in the realization of the products, we offer different block making machines, ranging from semi-automatic system to fully automatic block making production lines.

VESS ECO5.1 is ideal for those who want to start the first time, for those who have just started and want to gain practice by manual use with the other small block making machine. This machine is designed to be easy to use for the operator, ensuring a high quality of the output concrete blocks produced.

Vess eco 5.1 block making machine

VESS ECO5.1 Block Making Machine Specifications

With Single Mortar Hopper - Semi-Automatic System - Manual Pallet Carrying System - Fully Automatic Mortar System (Without Hopper And Cement Silos) - Daily Capacity 5.000 Pieces 20 Cm Of Hollow Blocks - 15 m3 / Hour Ready Mix Concrete - Max. 1 x OT Container Machine Shipping Volume - 55 m2 Construction Area - Totally Needs 22 Kw Energy - 55 X 115 Pallet Dimensions And It Is An Ideal Machine That Can Be Able To Produce With Max. 6 Persons - Designed To Work 24 Hours. Through Special Vibro, Motors Machine Can Produce Every stone Which Heigh Between 2 / 25 Cm.

VESS ECO5.1 Block Making Machine Advantage

  • Quality products and reasonable price
  • maximum income with less personal
  • spend low energy - minimum consumption
  • ability to create a closed area for itself
  • automation system for every budget
  • low infrastructure and montage expense
  • need a less place for construction area
  • easy setup ability at your own facility
  • automation program that can be easily used in every language
  • less mechanical fatigue with a braking system on hydraulics
  • ability to remove easily the whole system from one place to another
  • change mold- win more time with special equipment like upgrade platform
  • easy and economical shipment with demounted design
  • ability mass production with high performance
  • ability to produce different kinds of blocks with its special design
  • standard quality at every production with weighting mortar system
  • spare parts can be found everywhere - low cost for maintenance
  • electric panels that can work in different energy conditions
  • special equipment and spare parts which they do not need maintenance

After-Sale services and Warranty

Our machine warranty period is 2 years but can be extended up To 2 + 3 = 5 Years.

To help you master the installation and operation of your block production line, VESS provides Free Operator Training And Certification authorized training programs led by experienced engineers.
• How to set up your block machine and optimize performance levels for your block production process.
• Key troubleshooting tips that keep your block making machine in prime condition to minimize downtime, minimize maintenance, and prevent future problems.
• How to optimize performance levels of block making machine to maintain consistent quality productions
• how to keep the machine safe.

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