We provide you with the opportunity to establish a turnkey plant without the necessity of other companies' products. We have many models of block-making machines and ready-mix concrete plants available for Multinational Companies and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Eco, Classic, Elegance, Avantgarde, Brick Laying Diamond Models.




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Eco 5.1 Classic 5.1 Elegance 5.1

6.000 hollow and paving blocks per day

15 m³ ready mix concrete per hour


6.000 hollow and paving blocks per day

15 m³ ready mix concrete per hour


6.000 hollow and paving blocks per day

15 m³ ready mix concrete per hour


avantgarde-compact-paving-hollow-block-machine-concrete-plant diamond-compact-paving-hollow-block-machine-concrete-plant.jpg diamond-compact-paving-hollow-block-machine-concrete-plant.jpg
Avantgarde 5.1 Diamond 8.1 Diamond 12.1

6.000 hollow and paving blocks per day

15 m³ ready mix concrete per hour

Full Automatic 

8.000 hollow and paving blocks per day

30 m³ ready mix concrete per hour


12.000 hollow and paving blocks per day

30 m³ ready mix concrete per hour




You Do Not Need To Buy More Machines Anymore If You Are Planning To Produce Different Products. The New Generation Compact Machines

Required Things For Construction :

We Are Providing The Chance For You To Make Products, Such As Ready Mix Concrete - Slab block - Concrete Blocks - Paving Blocks - Garden Blocks And Other With The Same Machine. We Provided New Solutions With The Model Of Compact Machine Developed By Our R&D Department To Face Problems Created By Other Manufacturing Companies In The Required Sector. We Developed The Machine Compact Model With Special Feature. When Buying The Basic Model Of Compact Machine Without Exceeding Your Investment Budget, You Will Be Able To Upgrade Effortlessly The Machine Depending On Your Need.

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According To Established Infrastructure And Experienced Staff 24-Hour Online Support Secure Trading With Fixed Price Guarantee Business Terms For All BudgetsEasy Communication With The Customer Representative With Preferred LanguageInternational Contract With Preferred Language Product Supply At One Point Through Campaigns On-Time Production - On-Time Delivery – Montage Stocked And Findable Spare Parts Everywhere Ability To Keep Track Of Live Production Process On Web Site Ability To Keep Track Of Live Shipment Products On Website, Free Infrastructure Project Free Commissioning And Test Production Free Operator Training And Certification Able To Buy With Term With Private Bank AgreementsLeasing And The Possibility To Trade With Letter Of Credit Warranty Period Can Be Extended Up To 2 + 3 = 5 Years We Guarantee That Intervene Time Globally Is Maximum 72 - 120 Hours.




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What is a compact block-making machine?

A concrete plant is a system to make concrete from a mixture of aggregate, cement, water, and concrete additives with a specific ratio. Our compact machine allows you to have two machines in a single one by adding the option of producing concrete blocks simultaneously. The concrete production starts operation with doing dosage. electronic weighing belt under the hopper weigh the aggregates and take them on the belt. At the same time the cement, water, and additive weighing operatıon are made in their special region. In the second part, the dosage of products is transferred to the mixer. In the last part, the ready mixture is transferred to the truck mixer under the concrete batching plant sending hopper. This operation finishes with the loading of the requested volume of concrete. Some details about block production are given below.


compact machine produce any kind of block compact machine produce any kind of block paving block

Brick Making Machine - block making machine - hollow block machine:

There are a lot of denominations relative to a Concrete Hollow Block and Brick Making Machine. The technology we use for the manufacture of our brick machine meets European standards. The use of the latest technology on these brick machines has made a difference in terms of quality. The format of the brick depends on the choice of customers. The brick machine has the possibility to produce brick with a size between 2 cm and 120 cm. Depending on the system, the machine produces between 4 and 24 bricks of 20 cm width in a single press. Houses made of bricks or cinder blocks can be very aesthetic or traditional. The block is much cheaper than brick despite the faster laying time of bricks, the water consumed for cement, and the need to add more insulation.

brick-making machine is just another denomination of a Concrete Hollow Block and Brick Making Machine. A brick is a building material used to make walls, pavements, and other elements in masonry construction. Originally, the term brick referred to a unit composed of clay, but it is now used to denote any rectangular units laid in mortar. brick-making machine should be very robust and able to produce many types of brick depending on the aggregate. A brick can be composed of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or concrete materials. The breeze block or the brick are used for construction and they can even be assimilated according to the country. There are, however, some slight differences.

concrete plant concrete brick making machine hollow block machine paving block machine all in one machine concrete plant concrete brick making machine hollow block machine paving1 block machine all in one machine


block-making machine mostly refers to Concrete Hollow Block and Solid Block Making Machine. Concrete blocks exist in several dimensions and shapes. This type of material is more resistant to natural disasters. In general, the hollow block walls are made of steel rods, cement, gravel, and other additional materials. For this reason, we are witnessing a strengthening of the construction with the hollow blocks. As you probably know, concrete blocks are mainly classified into two (2) types depending on the structure, shape, size, and manufacturing processes. These two types of concrete blocks are Solid Concrete Blocks, Hollow concrete blocks. Concrete blocks exist in several dimensions and shapes. We sell a reliable and strong block-making machine to produce both types of blocks. 

In order to manufacture concrete blocks such as a hollow block, it is evidently necessary to have a hollow block machine.The process for manufacturing on the market you can havesemi-automatic hollow block machine (also called manual concrete hollow block machine) orfully automatic hollow block machine. Still, you will probably notice a considerable difference in the raw materials and molds used by every supplier of the hollow block

Brick Laying Machine:

A bricklaying machine or (bricklaying machine) is also a denomination of a Concrete Hollow Block and Brick Making Machine. However, there are two types of Concrete Hollow Block and Brick Making Machine: stationary machines and mobile machines. A bricklaying machine is the mobile version of the concrete block machine. A Mobile Brick Machine is the mobile version of the concrete block machine. The electric consumption is at the minimum level. This machine can be moved and installed easily. It does not require technical assistance for installation. All kinds of spare parts can be found easily. The mobile brick machine has the possibility to produce brick with a size between 5 cm and 120 cm. Depending on the system, the machine produces between 3 and 12 bricks of 20 cm width in a single press. However, you need more surfaces for production. For a plant with these features the recommended installation, curing – drying and the stock area is a minimum of 1.000 m².


Brick Laying Machine Laying brick machine egg laying brick machine Brick Laying Machine Laying brick machine egg laying brick machine2

Brick Making Machine For Sale:

If you search “cement block machine for sale” in an engine like Google, you will probably have millions of results. That will almost be the same number of the result if you have search “block machine price list” or “solid block making machine price” instead. It will not be easy for you to choose the best website and then buy a machine that suits you. Every customer (or concrete block manufacturer) should be taking into consideration some questions before buying a concrete block machine:

  • Is this machine reliable, robust, and solid enough to produce quality blocks?
  • Does the machine have all the features required for producing different types of concrete blocks?
  • What are the prices and discounts available?
  • Do we have an alternative and cost-effective concrete block machine with the same features?