15.1 FINGER CAR FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINE; Machine is designed to work 24 hours. Machine is very fast and has high production capacity through special servo motors. By changing the mould machine can produce any types of Concrete Paving Blocks - Hollow Blocks - Insulated Bricks - Different Curbstones - Asmolen And Chimney Blocks which height must be between 2cm and 40 cm. Equipment list with prices, prepared related to the installation layout is given below.Daily capacity (8 hours) 15.000 Pieces Concrete Hollow Blocks / 1.150m² Paving Blocks

15.1 FINGER CAR FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINE; The price of the campaign is prepared as complete plant “Turnkey Project”. Except product drying and curing rooms there is no extra equipment needed on the plant area. For a plant of the with these features the recommended installation , curing and stock area is minimum 5.000 m2. There is no obligation for roofing. The prepared concrete floor should be minimum 1/3 of the plant area.

Equipments specified in our campaign are as advisory and are stated by the sample installation layout. You can add or remove items from the list.

You can create your own optimal facility without being connected to the Campaign with the help of the "Create Your Own Plant" button in 3 steps according to the request.For further information please contact your nearest customer representative.



24.1 Finger Car Hollow Block Machine

18.1 Finger Car Hollow Block Machine

12.1 Finger Car Hollow Block Machine

10.1 Finger Car Hollow Block Machine