Vess Machine produces crushing and screening plants suitable for any project. we design the crushers based on your input stone size, type, and the required sizes in output. We produce our crushing and screening plants in different capacities suitable for mountain and river material. An automatic washing system can be applied to the system as well.



Crushing and Screening Plant Details And Price

Our crusher plants producing with 5 different types based on their capacity:

  1. crusher size 40
  2. crusher size 60
  3. crusher size 90
  4. crusher size 110
  5. crusher size 140


The size 90 is the most popular among the capacities. aside from the capacity, there are some details that affect the price that needs to be considered:

1. What is the type of stone you are planning to crush?

this will indicate the hardness of the stone

2. What is the biggest diameter of the stone you want to crush?

if the input stones are too big then you will need to have a jaw crusher to crush them to smaller pieces so they can be delivered to the main crusher.

3. What are the required sizes in the output?

for example, it can be 0mm to 3mm or 3mm to 7mm, 7mm to 15mm, or any required size. you don't have to choose only one. the screening system has layers and the required size can be added.

4. How many tons you will need daily?

This will indicate the capacity of the crusher.

The crushing and screening units are used to crush stones as you know. These stones are used in the construction industry. These crushers supply the raw materials for concrete batching plants, hollow block machines, and paving block machines. most of the block manufacturing plants order a crusher after a few years so they can produce their own raw materials.

Also, these crushers supply the raw materials needed for the foundation of the roads and also for the asphalt business.



The stone crushing and screening plants are also beneficial to nature. they crushe the materials that come from demolished buildings and they are recycled and the recycled materials are again used as raw materials in the construction industry.


Since these machines crush stones they need to be tough and of premium quality to minimize maintenance and maximize the efficiency of the job. Also, the crushing and screening units should be designed in a way that the maintenance job is done easily and fast.

Vess company has one of the best designs and qualities in crushing and screening plants. Service and aftersales service is also very important because crushers have wear parts that are designed to wear out after a certain time and they need to be changed. Vess company has 24/7 aftersales service that supports you in every step of this business.



We install the machine free of charge and do test production and also train your operators for adjusting the machine and doing maintenance. after you are satisfied with the installation your guarantee will start. The guarantee period is for 2 years. and we have a service guarantee of 5 years as well.