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We provide you with the opportunity to establish a turnkey plant without the necessity of other companies' products. We have many models of Ready-Mix Concrete batching plants available for Multinational Companies and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Mobile Concrete Plant, Stationary Concrete Batching Plant.


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Concrete Plant

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concrete plant project installed in qatar algeria and oman


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Concrete Plant

A concrete plant, also known as a batch plant or batching plant, or a concrete batching plant, is equipment that combines various ingredients to form concrete. Some of these inputs include water, air, admixtures, sand, aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.), and cement. This is the system to make concrete from a mixture of aggregate, cement, water, and concrete additives with a specific ratio. The heart of the concrete batching plant is the mixer, and there are many types of mixers such as Tilt Drum, Pan, Planetary, Single Shaft, and Twin shaft mixer. The twin shaft mixer can ensure an even mixture of concrete through the use of high horsepower motors, while the tilt mixer offers a consistent mix with much less maintenance labor and cost. With concrete performance so dependent on accurate water measurement, systems often use digital scales for cementitious materials and aggregates, and moisture probes to measure aggregate water content as it enters the aggregate batching to automatically compensate for the mix design water/cement ratio target

Concrete Batching Plants Automation and control

A concrete batching plant is also a denomination of a Concrete Plant. Modern concrete batch plants employ computer-aided control to assist in the fast and accurate measurement of input constituents or ingredients. Dosing of Cement, Sand, Crushed Stone, Chemicals, and Water in exactly a good proportion is the ultimate test of any control system. It is important that the Control System achieves the closest value to the target weight. The fastest controls limit the number of jogs to maximize plant production rates. Variations in materials, weather and humidity, numerous mechanical points, and human input cause even the most accurate automation control to overweight or underweight material.


Ready-Mix Concrete Plant types

Ready-Mix Concrete Plantis also a denomination of a Concrete Plant. Batch plants can be portable, stationary, or semi-portable. Certain batch plant designs may be considered mobile, but not necessarily easy to set up and tear down. These categories typically differ in the ease of startup and teardown and the presence of portable features such as axles, brakes, and lights. Mobile batching plants are typically a single unit, made up of a cement silo, an aggregate bin, an aggregate conveyor, and the cement and aggregate batching, but at higher hourly production capacities may require numerous loads for a single plant. Typically, a mobile batching plant can be dismantled and reassembled in a few days' time. As a result, they can be used at multiple construction sites to reduce transportation costs. 

Concrete Mixer Machine - Mobile Concrete Mix Plant

Some customers use the name concrete mix plant as a denomination of a Concrete Plant. The mobile batch plant, also known as a portable concrete plant is a very productive, reliable, and cost-effective piece of equipment to produce batches of concrete. It allows the user to batch concrete at most any location then move to another location and batch concrete. Portable plants are the best choice for temporary site projects or even stationary locations where the equipment height is a factor or the required production rate is lower. Municipalities, especially in urban or residential areas, have been concerned with the pollution by concrete batching plants. The absence of suitable dust collection and filter systems in cement silos or at the truck loading point is the major source of particulate matter emission in the air. To avoid this problem we use a filter on the top of our silo.