Brick laying machine

Brick laying machine is mobile equipment equipped with wheeled chassis. These kind of machines are moving along the area of a site prepared for these purposes (indoor or outdoor space on the street), produces concrete blocks directly on its surface. A brick laying machine can be able to lay the concrete blocks on the concrete floor and proceeds to the next production process. Any type of concrete blocks can be produced with good quality by using brick laying machines.

If you are thinking of starting a new one in business, then you can choose a brick laying machine. This will be a good option for starting a new business with a reasonable budget. You can buy any kind of brick laying machine at a low price, and this machine can be very convenient and high-quality small machine for producing different kind of concrete products.




Brick laying machine for sale

If you have a plan to buy any kind of brick laying machine, we have different types and automation that you can able to choose one of them. So it means that there are three different types of brick laying machines for sale. According to automation, machine automation are divided into manual semi-automatic and fully automatic. All brick laying machines can able to produce almost any kind of building material such as concrete hollow blocks, small curbstones, thermal blocks, heat blocks and other different concrete blocks 18 cm and 22 cm high.

These laying brick machines for the production of concrete blocks, they differ in a number of production capabilities and power. Per each automation the daily capacity is different. According to your needs and requirements, you can choose manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic brick laying machine. All the brick making machines can offer the maximum reliability and performance for your business. So it means that you can produce high-quality concrete blocks with these machines.




Advantages of brick laying machines

Electromechanical drive and low power consumption. Electricity consumption reduced to a minimum.

• No pallets and shelving required. The machine can able to press directly to the ground.

• The surface on which the moulding will take place should be as even as possible, as this affects the quality of the finished products.

• One of the cheapest way for production the concrete blocks.

• Payback in a short time.

• Minimum staff is enough, the brick laying machine does not require high qualifications for the production process of the concrete blocks and other types of concrete blocks.

• The quality of finished concrete products are pretty good.

• Higher productivity due to minimal moulding cycle.


 Semi automatic brick laying machine

The semi-automatic brick laying machine is one of the best suitable options for those who want to enter this business without any experience or who have a limited budget for producing the concrete blocks. You don't need the pallets and you don't need also to make some preparations for the machine.

Just preparing your land will be enough for the installation process. You can prepare your mortar into the small mixer of the machine and after that, the machine will be completely ready for the production process.

It is possible to change the mould on the brick and block making machine and it means that you can produce different kinds and shapes of concrete products. One operator can able to control the machine and when it produces the blocks, the machine can go further and this process continues. After the production process is completed, two-person can take the ready blocks and carry them to the curing area.



Brick laying machine video

 You can check out the link to watch our other kind of machines, on vess-youtube check out the block making machine videos.


 Technical details of brick laying machine

  • No technical staff needed for installation. So it means that you can install the machine by yourself easily. There is no need for any technical person for installation. It is a big advantage for preparing the machine.
  • High-quality materials are used for the machine and it is possible to use the machine for a long time without any issue or maintenance.
  • The mould on the machine can be changed very easily. You can change the mould on the machine by yourself with using special equipment.
  • There is no obligation for roofing. The brick laying machine can be installed anywhere.
  • Using high-quality raw materials, the machine can produce blocks with a smooth surface.
  • All spare parts can be found easily for the machine that you need.


 Brick laying machine price

The one of the most important advantages of laying a brick machine is very high productivity and reasonable cost of equipment. You can buy this laying brick machine with a reasonable price and good quality.

These machines are moving on wheels, which in the process of producing concrete products has the ability to move on flat ground. When using the machines there is no need for pallets or racks.

The supply of raw materials should be carried out directly to the location. For finished products require additional labor. It is also impossible to operate this equipment in the open air at low temperatures. So especially in cold weather, it will be better to use the machine in a place which is covered. The brick laying machine price is very reasonable and this advantage will play a big role when the customers are looking for a good quality machine with low price.




Brick laying machine price details

Choosing the new brick laying machine at a reasonable price is one of the most important points for the new customers especially for those who want to enter this business with a low budget. Because of the reason especially with this kind of brick laying machine is a good choice for starting to produce good quality blocks with different dimensions. Brick laying machine price details is a good way to choose what kind of machine will be the best according to your project and the business.

Also, it is possible to say that, the brick making machine price is better in comparison with other companies, while the quality is higher. So, you will get the opportunity to acquire quality solutions at an affordable price and you have multiple options for brick making machines.

According to your project and daily capacity, you can choose different automation systems like manually, semi-automatic and fully automatic types. Within using the brick laying machine, you can produce different dimensions of concrete block. For producing the different dimensions of the block just enough to change the mould on the machine.



If you have a plan to buy any kind of brick laying machine, you can contact us anytime. Because of the reason, we can offer the best suitable option according to your needs and projects. Also, we have different machines for the production of concrete blocks, paving slabs, curbstones, and other various products.

Choosing the right machine provides to make high-quality concrete products and in the market, your benefits always will be high. And after-sales also we have a support system and we can help you anytime before and aftersales.

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