Brick and Block Making Machine Types

Concrete Hollow Block Brick Making Machine

As a model enterprise of Turkish building material machinery, Beyazli Group manufacture upscale and high-quality Brick and Block making machinery with intelligent technology for their customers. Beyazli Group has served 1000 clients from 23 countries and regions with more efficient intelligent manufacturing equipment. Beyazli Group has earned great reputation in the world with its products being exported to high-level market worldwide, include Asia, Europe, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

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 Cement Brick Making Machine | Specifications

Cement Brick Making Machine , the mortar is designed from the ground. The installation diagram of the equipment is in the section of the photos. The machine for concrete block - semi-automatic block is manufactured with a 24-hour work, with enough pallets, 8 hours per day product of 550 - 650 m2 self-blocking pavers. The quantity of product has exacted; semiautomatic automation it allows you to work in good performance.

On a pallet:  20 pcs of self-locking pavers 8 pcs. A 20 block and all models

Pallet size:  95 x 110 x 3.8 cm

Persons for production:  6 units (2 units with mortar / 1 piece Mixer /piece machine / 1 part claret / 1 piece for cement).

The transport is done with container 1 pcs of 40 + 1 pcs of 20.

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Concrete Block or Cement Block Molds:

Our molds workshop is equipped with several advanced machines for the manufacture of high quality and high precision molds. We can therefore design and customize the molds according to customer requirements. We operate a full range of advanced equipment including heat treating machines and precision assembly machines. We adopt surface injection technology for high precision, optimized pressure system, high hardness of the plate and frames and excellent wear resistance. Adopting advanced and innovative technology equipment, our finished production machines are able to manufacture concrete blocks of precise dimensions with smooth surface.

BESS molds combined with our block making equipment produce all kinds of high-efficiency concrete products, concrete blocks, pavers, hollow blocks, solid bricks, bricks of special sizes and shapes.

mold_for_brick_making_machine_mold_for_paving_blocks.jpg paving_block_concrete_paving_blockpaving_block_mold.jpg

1. We adopt high quality materials, low variance and excellent wear resistance. 
2. Our molds offer excellent wear resistance and micron accuracy. 
3. Our company adopts intelligent welding robots for a global production of high performance and high efficiency. 
4. Our optimized heat treatment machines extend the workpiece structure and increase the service life to more than 100,000 cycles. 
5. The mold frame perfectly matches the press head, resulting in low loss, high speed feed, and quick and easy demolding.
6. Our thermal device greatly improves the performance of the molds.



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