What Is Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine

Beyazli Group is a Manufacturer of a wide range hydraulic concrete block making machine, hydraulic solid block making machine in Turkey. This factory producing high-quality concrete block making machines with a hydraulic system and will another kind of machine. Here I am sharing information on how these machines work.

The production of the concrete blocks is done through a block making machine is very simple and practical ways. The mixing of the mortar is done by the mixer then the mortar ready is driven by a belt conveyor of the hydraulic machine for the press, so the work is finalized by the operator thanks to the hydraulic control.

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First, let’s know what is hydraulic machines:

The machine in which force is transmitted by liquids under pressure is known as the hydraulic machine. Hydraulic machines are those kinds of machines that use liquid fluid power to do simple work.

What is Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine

The hydraulic block making machine is a very high-quality machine with low working noise, small mechanical loss, and adopts double crank pressure boosting device, which not only has a good compacting effect but also has low energy consumption and block strength. our main produced products are hydraulic block making machine, hollow block machine, which is called the block forming machine (or hollow brick machine, block machine, forming machine), paving block making machine, fully automatic block making machine.

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The effective hydraulic pressure systems and complex feeding systems produce each unit with high precision and accuracy. These systems are Accurate and have high-production in less time: Hydraulic pressure systems and quick feeding system highly reduce the overall production time. The fast molding cycles and high production efficiency makes these machines highly demanded machines in the market.

In these machines, modern machines are innovated so that they can reduce up to 40% of energy usage. This helps reduce the cost and overall profit. The efficient and fast production line of these machines adds to reducing the per-unit cost of the blocks.

Why I should buy hydraulic concrete block making machine

The concrete blocks which Produced with these machines have high-Quality, Large Density, and High Strength.

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  • Most of them use hydraulic molding mode, but also use vibration molding.
  • The whole machine adopts advanced PLC intelligent control system, which can realize man-machine dialogue,
  • Fully automatic operation, random signal analysis, automatic fault diagnosis, and various parameter settings, so that the machine can achieve the best working effect.
  • The machine body adopts a super-strong steel structure and special welding technology and uses a large number of imported raw materials and high-quality electrical appliances and hydraulic originals to ensure the performance of the equipment is more stable and reliable during long-term high-load operation.

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