Over the last four years, we have developed operations across several regions in Nigeria, one of the world’s fastest-growing frontier economies, and Africa’s leading oil producer. With an abundance of natural resources and a government-backed need for infrastructural development, the Nigerian market has presented us with a diversity of investment opportunities that have strengthened our sense of commitment and contribution to its remarkable macroeconomic growth model.

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Concrete Block Production Line in Abuja Nigeria

We are a leading block making machine manufacture in Turkey and we are glad to ship and install our block-making machines in Nigeria.

As technology improving day by day and concrete blocks are extensively used in various activities of infrastructure development like hydroelectric power generation, roads, bridges, housing, and commercial building which is part of urban development in Nigeria.

Investing in these machines will have a lot of profit, customers can start block production business with the use of small block making machines and then they can upgrade their business to high production capacity.

Why Abuja Customers Choose VESS Concrete Block Machine:

- We have Experienced Staff 24-Hour Online Support and Secure Trading With Fixed Price Guarantee
- Easy Communication With The Customer Representative With Preferred Language and Product Supply At One Point Through   Campaigns.
- On-Time Production - On-Time Delivery – Montage, Stocked And Findable Spare Parts Everywhere
- Ability To Keep Track Of Live Production Process On Web Site, Ability To Keep Track Of Live Shipment Products On Website 
- Free Infrastructure ProjectFree Commissioning And Test ProductionFree Operator Training And Certification
- Able To Buy With Term With Private Bank Agreements, Leasing And The Possibility To Trade With Letter Of Credit, Warranty Period Can Be Extended Up To 2 + 3 = 5 Years and We Guarantee That Intervene Time Globally Is Maximum 72 - 120 Hours these made Abuja Customers choose us and we are providing high-quality different Hollow Block Machine, Concrete Batching Plant, Concrete Block machine with different capacities.

The Other block making machine that we can ship to Abuja:

Laying Brick Machine Automatic Concrete Block Machine Fully Automotive Paving Block Making Machine concrete_bathing_plant.fw.png
Laying Brick Machine Automatic Concrete Block
Fully Automotive Paving Concrete Batching Plants
  Machine Block Machine  

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