Established in 2006, VESS Block Making Machinery operates as a leading Turkish manufacturing facility based in Trabzon, Turkey. The company is dedicated to crafting premium quality block making machines. With a contemporary management system, advanced processing technology, accurate testing methods, a team of skilled engineers, and a robust after-sales service system, VESS Machinery has garnered trust and credibility in the market. Users prefer its products for their quality and reliability.


Quality originates from technology, and responsibility serves as its assurance. VESS Company, a proficient Turkish manufacturing facility specializing in block making machinery, holds certifications such as ISO9001 for quality management systems and CE, establishing itself as a standard enterprise in building materials and machinery quality.

Upholding values of integrity, precision, innovation, and leveraging high-tech advancements, the company aligns with market needs, consistently introducing new and refined machines that cater to the demands of both the market and the construction industry.
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Concrete Block Making Machine Turkey 

Vess stands as a leading brand in the concrete block making machines industry. Renowned for its excellence, Vess has successfully expanded its footprint through extensive exports to various countries, encompassing Africa, Europe, and the Arab world. The company offers a comprehensive range of block making machines, catering to diverse needs with its semi-automatic, automatic, and fully automatic models. Combining Turkish craftsmanship with advanced technology, Vess has become a trusted choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient solutions in the field of concrete block manufacturing.

Block Making Machine For Sale In Turkey

Explore Quality Block Making Machines for Sale in Turkey with Vess. Offering a variety of machines designed to suit every budget, Vess ensures accessibility without compromising on excellence. The machines feature components from renowned German brands, ensuring durability and high performance. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Vess provides a generous 2-year warranty on the machines and an extended 5-year service guarantee, providing peace of mind and reliability for your investment.

Turkey Block Making Machine In Ethiopia

Vess Machinery in getting very popular in Ethiopia. With a few successfully installed machines, Vess is expanding its presence for private investors and individuals with projects financed by the Development Bank of Ethiopia. Experience the reliability and efficiency of our block making machines as we contribute to the growth and success of construction projects in the region.


Reasons To Choose Turkish Vess Block Making Machinery

The company specializes in the production of stationary block making machines, hollow block machines, hollow block molding machines, paver block making machines, and concrete batching plants.


The factory pursues the goal of creating customer value and improving service quality, striving to implement the whole process of pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services to meet customer needs. Here are the main reasons to choose Vess Turkish Factory for your block making machine:

  • International High Standard Production and Quality Assurance: We adhere to international high standards in production, ensuring impeccable quality and reliability.
  • Focus on R & D and Block Making Machine Production for Over 10 Years: With a decade of experience, we are dedicated to research and development, consistently delivering cutting-edge block making machines.
  • Gathering International First-Line Brand Component Manufacturers: We collaborate with international first-line brand component manufacturers, ensuring the quality and longevity of each set of equipment.
  • Customized Block Designs: We design and produce molds to create a variety of blocks tailored to meet market needs.


  • Introduction of International Advanced Technology: We introduce international advanced technology in the industry and independently research and develop high-quality block machine equipment.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From raw material analysis, site selection planning, scheme design, and equipment debugging to the production of high-quality products, and personnel training after production, we provide all-round integrated solutions.

  • Perfect After-Sale Service System: Our perfect after-sale service system includes online support and quick response to address any concerns.


  • Efficient Shipment Solutions with Online Tracking: We offer the best shipment solutions with an online tracking system to keep you informed throughout the delivery process.

  • Flexible Payment Options: We make the payment process convenient by accepting various payment systems.

Choose Vess Turkish Factory for an unparalleled experience, top-notch quality, and dedicated support throughout your journey—from the initial inquiry to the ongoing success of your block making operations.


For any further details, you can contact our sales department to get any technical support or any quotations based on your project needs and total budget. it doesn't matter if you are a professional and this will be a second machine for your project or if you are in a rural area looking for a small machine. our sales team is ready to support you in any step of this business.