A concrete block is generally used in building material of the construction on walls. With the growth of the construction industry, concrete block machines become the most important thing in this sector. A concrete block sometimes is called a brick or masonry unit.


Components of the concrete block are cement, water, gravel. When you decided to produce a concrete block, you need should be used correctly the ratio of all raw materials. The thing that is important is the ratio part if you want to get a successful result. Concrete blocks are mostly used on exterior and interior walls. Before a time these blocks are handled by hand, today block manufacturing is with an automated process. In light of the information, we will examine a lot of details about the concrete hollow block machine in this article.






The concrete hollow block machine could be different depending on how many pieces you want to produce daily. Actually, we have different types of concrete hollow block machines. These factors are below.

  • Semi-automatic concrete hollow block machine 
  • Automatic concrete hollow block machine 
  • Fully-automatic concrete hollow block machine


The most important thing for the all of machines is an electric system. Let's check the type of concrete hollow block machines.


The semi-automatic concrete hollow block machine is an excellent choice for those who want to start this business without any experience. The machine is mostly ordered by countries Ghana, Gabon, Djibouti, Somalia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, Malawi, Morocco, And Algeria. Because these countries have labor costs and cheap land. The person who has started this sector gains experience with semi-automatic machines in time




The semi-automatic machine works with operator control. The machine needs seven workers for the production time. Completed products are taken with a handcart by the worker. A hand cart is required equipment for this machine.



An automatic concrete block machine has high production capacity than a semi-automatic machine. The machine is designed to work 24 hours. The automatic block-making machine is mostly preferred by countries with higher labor costs and land prices. These countries are the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Finland, Italy, France, Hungary, Norway, Ireland, Malta, Estonia, Portugal, Serbia, Poland. By changing the mold the machine can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, concrete paving blocks, different types of curbstones, and chimney blocks as you want. The machine has an unloader and loader robot. For the automatic concrete block machine completed products are taken with a forklift from the unloader robot.



The forklift takes five pallets at one time. Due to this advantage, the machine does not need much space. Vess company has different types and different capacity automatic concrete hollow block machines depending on your request.



 The machine is mostly preferred by countries Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and other Arabic countries. The countries have very high labor costs and land prices. This machine needs 2 workers for all of the production time. The machine has vertical and horizontal striping robots for packing the completed products. The system works with a fully automatic system. The technical details for the VESS 10.1 FULLY AUTOMATIC HOLLOW BLOCK MACHINE  are mentioned below.


Mortars hopper and capacity single hopper / 1 m³
Production capacity 100-120 pallets/hour
Hydraulic pressure 200 bar
Min - max product height 2-40 cm