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Bess Concrete Block Molds assemble with concrete block machine can make different kind of blocks including hollow block, paving block, solid block, curbstone block, Asmolean block and other kinds of blocks.


How does Concrete Block Mold work?

Every concrete block or paving block making machine is coming with Molds and by the help of these molds, the block and brick are produced. When block machine start working process after concrete forced downward into molds. The molds have an outer mould box containing several mold liners. these liners determine the outer shape of concrete block or paving block and the inner shape of the concrete block or paving block cavities.

When the moulds are full from concrete, the concrete is compressed by the weight of the upper mold head coming down on the mold cavities. This compressed can be accomplished by air or hydraulic pressure cylinders acting on the mold head.

The compressed blocks are pushed down and out of the molds onto a flat pallet. The pallet and blocks are then pushed out of the machine onto a chain conveyor.

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Bess Concrete Block Molds Manufacturer is proud to offer high quality, long lasting molds for concrete blocks, paving block, solid blocks and other blocks at very great prices with excellent delivery times.

Paving block mould monoblock: manufactured from special mould steel. Pressing linings are to be accustomed into the mould section. Is ready to use after hardening with induction. Steel construction moulds: after designing the moulds dimensions will be brought to the desired value using wear resistant special sheet metal with steel construction system. Curbstone mould blades are ready to use after sawdust removal processing from the ck 45 sheet metals and hardenings process via induction.

Brick Mold Samples

paving block mold paving block mold1 paving block mold3 paving block mold4 paving block mold5 paving block mold6 paving block mold7 paving block mold8
concrete block Mold Mould for Cement Block1 concrete block Mold Mould for Cement Block2 concrete block Mold Mould for Cement Block3 concrete block Mold Mould for Cement Block4 concrete block Mold Mould for Cement Block5 concrete block Mold Mould for Cement Block7 concrete block Mold Mould for Cement Block6 concrete block Mold Mould for Cement Block8

Delivered Brick Mold to some countries

here you can see our delivered and successfully installed brick mold in brick making machine. we have delivered a lot of brick mold to different countries. we have delivered brick mold to Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Algeria, Sudan, Mali, Malawi below you can see the pictures.

Delieverd Brick Mold Saudi Arabia Delieverd Brick Mold Algeria Delieverd Brick Mold South Africa Delieverd Brick Mold Turkey

How To Get New Concrete or Block Mold For My Brick Machine

Whether you need a new brick mold for your new machine or existing machine, or a completely new custom mold for any kind of block - Bess Manufacturing can provide a fantastic solution for your needs. Contact with us by clicking on contact us menu or direct mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or WhatsApp me on +905493256670 we’ll give you a good price quote and in very less period of time we’ll design and deliver your requested block mould.


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