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Backed by a wealth of experience, Beyazli Group has advanced technology and expertise to successfully design and manufacture, a wide variety of brick making machinery, concrete block making machines, concrete plant and concrete machine molds. We can manage your block making small or big plant project from design till transport and challenges, whether you are in Turkey or far from Turkey we have delivered and installed block and brick making machine small and big plat almost in 22 countries.
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We act as a one-stop solution for all kinds of concrete block and paving block machines, from manufacturing to selling concrete block machines worldwide. This allows you to invest your money in small or big brick-making factories in your area with the help of us we’ll provide you high-quality machines according to your budget and install it with the help of our expert engineers in your area.

Recently we have developed a new generation concrete block making machine which is a whole package for those that using the same machine wants to produce, concrete block, hollow block, paving block and most important concrete plant.

This is a new machine that you cannot find anywhere else as it is designed in our factory. As more than 10 years’ experience in brick making machines, we have guttered our customers’ demands and problems in this business and after gathering all these issues we came to create a new design concrete block making machine.

new generation compact machine concrete block making machine concrete mixing plantpaving block machine  new generation compact machine concrete block making machine concrete mixing plantpaving block machine1 

We have solved consuming a lot of money in block making projects, for example, our customers were buying a concrete block machine to produce only concrete block and after two years when they had a good market and want to expand their business they need to produce paving block also for that they need to buy another machine to produce paving block as their old machine only produce concrete blocks and it cost them a lot of lost, or another issue our customer want to have concrete plant and also concrete block and paving block production for all of them the need to buy separate machine and also require a lot of places to install.

Here we have developed a new generation compact machine that can produce all of them, this machine came with the upgradeable system which means the customer can buy only one part and later without selling the old machine or buying a new machine he can upgrade this system by adding required parts to it.

Recently we have shipped this new generation compact concrete block making machine to Georgia, Malawi, and Algeria, Below you can find some pictures of compact concrete block making machine during installation and shipment.

compact concrete block making machine in Malawi compact concrete block making machine in Georgia compact concrete block making machine in Algeria

We are pleased with our brick making machinery which gives satisfaction and benefit to our customers. Our machines are hard wearing, durable, and high performance against equivalents due to our detailed projects and applications on the production process. Beyazli Group is one of the exporters who manufactures concrete paving and concrete block making machines, stationary and mobile concrete batching plants.

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