Paving Block Machine

Paving Block Machine

 As a Beyazli Group we are serving with production Interlocking Paving Block Machine in the sector Vess brand . The Interlocking  Paving Block Machines which we are producing,offered in three different automation types for Manual-Semı Automatic and  Fully Automatic.The Interlocking Paving Block Machines in the Vess brand,production process finished with 6 stages. These stages respectively consist of Project DesignMechanical ManufacturingHydrolic ManufacturingElectrical Automation,Primer and Paint ManufacturingShipment and Montage. Especially the people who has been only now started to this industry Concrete Paving Block Machine,they choose to searching machines by the internet,choosing the companies with inexpreinced-without qualities,and later we detected that they had bad surprises. As Beyazli Group especially today when you are searching any kind of words like Concrete Paving Machine,Second Hand Paving Machine,Concrete Paving Machines For Sale,Production Of Interlocking Paving Machines,Prices of Interlocking Paving Machine,Concrete Paving Machine,Hollow Block Making Machine,you can find all our prices including the machines which we are producing with technical explanations and we are always careful to prevent any kind of problems can be occured afterwards.


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Thanks to the campaigns we have organized every 4 years, we have made the new Concrete Paving Block Machine prices more attractive than the second hand paving block machine. In addition,besides 2 years guarantee we are providing for concrete paving block machines,we realized a province in the sector by giving 2 years unconditional guarantee to the second hand paving block machines which we have repaired and cared.In a short period we are succeeded to be more efficient and more institutional,under the structure of a seperate company. Our company,with the name of Presmak which is one of our other activities, has established a reputation for second hand machines and has offered second hand machine sales, repair and maintenance as a solution to your valuable customers with the same precision. With well built system and technological solutions,Presmak is so close to you as a phone to fix the technical or mechanical problems when they occurred with your second hand machines. If you want to take detailed or pre information you can contact with us also in order to know details of our works for solutions.

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Paving Block is generally used for driveways, pedestrians, patios, town centers, poolside, footpath and other construction areas. The main benefit of paver blocks over other materials is that individual blocks can later be lifted up and replaced easily. This allows for easy remedial work to be carried out under the surface without leaving any mark once the paving bricks have been replaced. These blocks are manufactured by paving block machines using compression and vibration for settlement of the material, this settlement allows to get better strength and results. By buying quality paver block machine you can produce high-quality paving blocks in the market.
If you are searching for paving block making machine, you can find different results and it is hard to choose good paving making machine, my advice is that when you decide to start a business for producing paver block choose high-quality machines not low quality and check paver block machine.
You can find our paving machine for sale in south Africa, Paving block machine for sale in Saudi Arabia, Paving block machine for sale in Ghana, we have delivered our machine in 22 countries.

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Paving Brick Making Machine For Sale

This Paving Brick Making Machine is additionally equipped with four Vibro motors to provide better compression to get the strength and better finishing results. It has two trolleys or hoppers to give you the option to make Single & Color Pavers. If you want to produce single color pavers we offer you single hopper paving brick making machine but if you need to produce color pavers we can offer you double hopper brick making machine.This is a Multi-Purpose Paving Blocks & Bricks Making Plant. On this Paver Block Machine Plant automation system is at high-level, from Pan Mixer to Stacking Unit everything is controlled via PLC and also very less labor is required which saves time & money.paving brick making machine for sale,paver block making machine for sale,paver block making machine, pavr block

All our machines are upgraded as per latest technology time to time. This helps us in to maintain demand of our customer as per market requirements. In addition, we also have with us services of an expert team who are able to keep in touch with you solve your issues before and also after sale, our team can communicate with your own language our team can communicate in English, French, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Georgian. So fell free to get in touch for paver block making machine.

Here below you can find our diffrent paving machine that can produce both paver block and hollow blocks they are very high quality machines.

The Other  Products that we can serve you :

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Laying Brick Machine Automatic Concrete Block Fully Automative Paving Concrete Bathching Plants
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Supply the most current design and technical expertise; Supply parts sales and training service far beyond the initial sale; Your profits with quality parts and expert service. 

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VESS which has been an organization of Beyazlı Group has begun the commercial activities as manufacturing Hollow Block Machines, Concrete Plants, Moulding Industry  since 2007. It is a leader of industry sector which aims to grow rapidly with the experienced and expert staff...


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