Especially these days if you have a plan to produce any kind of concrete products such as like concrete hollow blocks, concrete paving blocks, curbstones, or others, in this case, you need to purchase a concrete block making machine.

Today in the industrial market you can find many companies, especially manufacturers of concrete block making machines, some of them produce these machines with high qualities, and some of them are produced with low qualities.

Basically, such concrete block making machines are of poor in quality, work poorly, but their cost is several times cheaper than a quality concrete block machine. But as we always recommend to our customers, purchase concrete block making machines with a high-quality and affordable price.


 concrete block making machine


Important equipment in concrete block making machines

In order to obtain high-quality concrete blocks, the choice of concrete block making machine, it is important that you should always pay attention to the composition of the concrete mixture and what inert materials will be used

Usually, various internals is used for producing the raw materials, the main materials of which are:

Inert materials, mainly cement, sand, water, and various additives are used

Different type of cement

* Sand

* Water

* Different kind of additives

For the manufacture of each type of concrete block, you must use your own formula and raw materials. If you always make a mortar from quality raw materials, then after that you can produce high-quality concrete blocks using machines.




Concrete block production

Especially for the production of various concrete blocks, paving blocks, and curbstones, sand is one of the most important basic inert materials. For this reason, it can be said that the main inert material for making these various concrete blocks, paving blocks, and curbstones is sand.

In fact, sand is a very thin material. When cement is mixed with other inert materials, the sand can be strong. If the sand is too thin, at this stage it is impossible to use small concrete products for the manufacture of semi-automatic concrete block making machine, automatic concrete block making machine or fully automatic block making machines




For the manufacture of concrete blocks, the choice of inert materials can be very different: cement, expanded clay, slag, perlite, sawdust, sand, screenings of rock crushing, crushed stone of fine fractions, any other type of inert materials.

When you use these different inert materials, they can affect the technical characteristics of the finished concrete block, such as strength, weight, thermal conductivity, and others. 


Concrete Hollow Blocks/12.000  Pieces  Concrete Paving Blocks/1.000 square meters  Curbstones / 3.850 pieces  Automation Type / Fully Automatic
Optionable Mini / Full System  Interlocking Paving Blocks / 1.000 square meters  Vibration Force / 43.500 kg  2 Years Warranty
 Hydraulic Pressue / 200 Bar  Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity / 350 Lt  Hydraulic Motor Power / 45 Kw  Installation / Free 
 Hoppers / Single or Double  Operator Training Course / Free  Used High Quality Materials  One person enough for operate


 Concrete Block making machine price details

When you decide to buy a concrete block making machine, the price is also one of the most important subjects that you need to consider. In this regard, it is always worth evaluating what is the concrete block making machine and the price and how it relates to the quality and technical characteristics of the equipment.




Only in this case, you will be able to choose the best solution for your needs, especially considering the fact that some buyers today are interested in more affordable products, while others are interested, first of all, in a durable and reliable machine.

In our company we suggest to our customer's different options for concrete block making machines and block making machine price details, you can contact us anytime for conversation and to know which block making machine is the best option according to your project.




 Fully-automatic concrete block making machine

These days you can find a lot of manufacturing companies which are producing concrete block making machines. In our company, generally, we have three different automation for concrete brick making machines according to your project.

If you just decide to enter this business, in this case, it's better to purchase a semi-automatic block making machine. You can produce different kinds of concrete blocks just it will be enough to change the mould on the machine. The collection of concrete blocks is manually done by workers with hand carts.




If you have experience and if you want to change your old block making machine, you can prefer to purchase the automatic block making machine.

For this kind of automation, there are two robots from the backside and frontside of the machine. One of them is a loader and the other one is an unloader. After the production process, the forklift comes and takes the concrete ready blocks in order to carry the curing area.

Also, there is fully automatic automation. This automation can be chosen by experienced customers or companies. The daily capacity is extremely high for this automation and all the system can be controlled by a computer system.



You can read some of the features of fully automatic concrete block making machines :

• The daily capacity is 12.000 concrete hollow blocks and 1000 square paving blocks in a day at eight hours.

• Production time for concrete blocks. Fully automatic machines can produce products faster with the latest technology than other kinds of machines.

• All production processes can be done with fully automatic computer systems.

• Number of staff. Especially with fully automatic concrete block making machines, you need only one person to operate the whole system.

• You have options for adding or removing the equipment that you need or not.

Based on this information, you can buy any type of concrete block making machine at a good price. For more information on the price and details of concrete blocks, you can always contact us.





Concrete paving block making machine

Today the best quality concrete paving blocks can be produced by concrete paving block making machines. With high-quality automatic paving block making machines, it is possible to produce almost all kinds of concrete products. That is why most of the customers prefer to purchase high quality pressed paving blocks.

The paving blocks which are produced by the latest technology are much better in terms of strength and frost resistance, in addition, this technology can be easily mechanized and automated, which means it is cheaper in cost.





The Vess 12.2 concrete block making machine is one of the most suitable machines for customers who want to produce high-quality concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, and others.

According to your demand, you can find a suitable option for the concrete block making machine that you need. For our other models, you can contact us. Our block making machines have the ability to produce almost all concrete blocks just it is enough the change the mould.