For the construction industry, a concrete batching plant is one of the most important pieces of equipment. We all know that a concrete batching plant is a system to make concrete needed with aggregate, cement, water, and concrete additive materials. All of the materials mentioned are added with the specific ratio by the operating system. The concrete batching plant changes according to the capacity you want to produce. This article will explain to you the  VESS 30  m3 / HOUR-CONCRETE PLANT


A batching plant consists of different parts and a variety of parts machines. Conveyor belt, silo, mixer, holding hopper, hopper, operation cabin, weighing belt, etc. Aggregate stays in holding hopper while mixing operation time and save the while loading again.


As you know the heart of the batching plant is the mixer. With mixer helping is providing homogenous mixing of dosage aggregate. The mixer can be of different types like pan, planetary, twin shaft, etc. Twin shaft usually is used for a large machine, the planetary and pan mixer is chosen for the small capacity machine. Let's talk about VESS 30 m3 stationary concrete batching plant details.


The stationary concrete batching plant consists following

  1. Aggregate hopper ( aggregate stays in the hopper )
  2. Weighing belt under the aggregate hopper ( the belt has weighed the aggregate and help to the transfer )
  3. Aggregate transfer belt ( aggregate is moved with the belt to the mixer)
  4. Aggregate holding hopper ( aggregate stays in holding hopper while mixing operation and save time while loading again )
  5. Cement silo 50 ton ( where cement is stored )
  6. Cement feeding screw ( needed cement is taken with this part )
  7. Weighing system additive-water-cement
  8. Pan mortar mixing mixer ( the device is provide homogenous mixing)
  9. Operator control cabin ( includes all of the control panels )
  10. Mixer installation platform
  11. Electric automation platform
  12. Compressor 350 lt ( the equipment is provided needed air for production)


VESS 30m³/ hour concrete plant technical information

VESS 30 m³ / hour concrete plant technical information
Compacted concrete output 30 m³
Mixer engine power 1 x 22 KW
Cement silo piece/capacity 1 Piece x 50 Ton
Cement Weighing 350 Kg
Additive Weighing 20 kg
Water weighing 250 kg
Cement Screw Conveyor 1 Piece / 219 x 10.800
Pneumatic Air Installation 350 Lt / 8 Bar

Process of stationary concrete batching plant

This section will explain to you the process for VESS 30 m³ / HOUR -CONCRETE PLANT machine. This machine can produce 30 m³ of concrete in an hour with high quality. Also, the machine is designed to work 24 hours and the machine is designed with fully automatic operating systems.


Let's talk about how we can produce concrete. Firstly hopper is filled with sand gravel dust. Hopper can be 3 compartments depending on additive materials. After that aggregate is discharged from the hopper to the weighing belt by vibration. In this part, aggregate is weighed with a belt. Weighed aggregate goes to the conveyor belt. Aggregate that is come with a conveyor belt is filled to the holding hopper.


The holding hopper has a replaceable wear plate. You can change the wear plate when the machine has an abrasion. Aggregate stays here while mixing operation and saves time while loading again.

After that cement comes by cement screw to the weighing system. Additive and water are loaded to the mixer. The water hopper that load is above the additive hopper.

As a result, all materials are become mortar by mixer like homogeny. The mortar mix is transferred to the trans mix. The text that is written is summarizing all of the processes. For more details, you can contact us and you can check our web site for the other concrete batching plant