Production of building and finishing materials is a highly important sector of the present-day of Russian economy because of the recent boost to residential development and construction of offices, storage facilities, roads, etc., concrete blocks, hollow blocks have a high demand for such development. As a result, Russian production of building and finishing materials is growing progressively.

The demand of hollow block and paving block are rising in this country, and block making machine are highly demanded, nowadays we have a lot of customers from Russia which are visiting our factory for block making machine, paver block machine and concrete batching plant.
Recently we had a customer from Russia who visited our factory and discussed for business plan and hollow block production project in his country. We showed him our different block making machines and at the end he chooses two hopper block making machine to produce both hollow block and color paving blocks. Till now we have exported 10 block machine to Russia and our customers are happy from our machines.

export hollow block machine to russia 2 Export hollow block machine to Russia

As per Turkish Exporters, Assembly Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi Turkey's exports to Russia rose by 60 percent, while imports from Russia rose by 18 percent.
Turkey has a great potential for exports to Russia, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, textiles and ready-to-wear, machinery and accessories. Turkey and Russia are perhaps the two countries with the highest ability to complete each other in the world. The largest sector having the potential for export is fresh fruits and vegetables.