If you are new to this business and you don't know exactly what a hollow block machine is this article is for you. We will explain the details step by step so at the end of this article you exactly know what you are looking for.

A hollow block machine is a machine that produces hollow blocks using vibration and pressure. this machine can also produce other shapes like solid blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, and floor blocks. you might get confused and ask yourself how one machine can produce all those blocks.

The answer is this machine works with molds and by changing the mold you can produce different shapes. So the other name of the machine is the concrete block making machine.




The hollow block machine has different capacities and automation levels but the main equipment is the same.

The first system is the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system provides the movements and also the pressure needed for the mold. the hydraulic system of the hollow block machine is adjustable between 100 bars to 200 bars to adjust the system to produce the best blocks. It's the heart of the machine.




The second system is the electric system. The electrical system of this machine provides automation for this machine. It's the brain of the machine. There are three levels for the electrical system

1. Semi-automatic

2. Automatic

3. Fully automatic 

 Vess company offers its hollow block machines in the full set. The machine comes with an aggregate hopper, mixer, conveyor belt, one mold, and handcarts to move the pallets around.

You need around 1000 pallets to produce run the machine for 8 hours. Vess company advises producing the pallets in your country. if you produce pallets locally you won't need to pay for transportation. 





Hollow Block Machine Price

There are different factors that affect the hollow block machine price. these factors are as below:

1. Hollow block machine capacity

2. Hollow block machine automation level

3. Molds

4. Pallets

 The capacity of the concrete block machine is determined by the number of standard 20cmx40cmx20cm blocks that it can produce in one press. the smallest brick making machine that we have produces 4 blocks in one press. then it goes to 6, 8, 10, and 12 pieces per drop.

The higher the capacity the bigger the machine and also the prices increase when the machine gets bigger.

The automation level of the machine also affects the price dramatically. For the semi-automatic hollow block machine, you totally need 7 workers, for the automatic machine you totally need 5 workers, and for the fully automatic machines, you totally need 2 workers for the whole plant.

For countries with high labor costs and expensive land, the customers prefer automatic and fully automatic machines with higher capacities. These countries are mostly Arabic countries like Libya, United Arabic Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other developed countries.




For the developing countries, people prefer a simpler machine with a small or medium capacity to be easier to handle and more economical in price.

The number of molds you choose to come with the machine also affects the price. The price of each mold depends on the size of the machine. Sometimes some molds are even more than 1500 kg.

Below you can see Vess hollow block machine price list:

Hollow Block Machine Price 2021

Machine Name Capacity Advantages Installation Price
Vess Eco Semi-Autoamtic 4000 Economic Machine Included 42.100 USD
Compact Eco Semi-Automatic 6000 batching plant ability Included 70.000 USD
Compact Elegance Automatic 6000 batching plant ability Included 110.000 USD
Compact Diamond Automatic 8000 Mobile machine Included 130.000 USD
Vess 10.1 Fully Automatic 10000 Fully Automatic Included 190.000 USD


We started a new way started in this section by submitting our price policy clearly complete with its specification on our web page and we made hollow block machine prices suitable and affordable for you. We also increased our confidence in our products at a high level with the 2+3 years extended to guarantee our machines. In this sector, we have increased the technical support and service process to a higher level as  5 years. You can also visit our product page to see all the available options.




our company has started the hollow block machines production 10 years ago with the innovation and compliance of technology completed its development and improved the works. Today we have completely removed the term manual hollow block machine in the manufacture of hollow block machines and replaced them with semi-automatic hollow block machines.




we are now introducing a semi-automatic hollow block machine to our customers at the same price and new technology instead of manual hollow block machines. we have also prevented you from encountering very high prices to set up a hollow block making factory. We minimized the costs of the semi-automatic hollow block machine plant and hollow block making factory.

 Below is a sample video of our Vess compact elegance hollow block machine. This machine is exclusively our design and its two machines in one. It is a concrete batching plant and concrete block machine at the same time. For more videos please visit the Vess Machine En youtube channel.




If you still don't know what type of machine to choose or what you need to do to prepare your site, you can contact our sales department directly and ask for professional help. We can help you choose the best option based on your project details and budget. With more than 350 successful projects in more than 34 countries, we do our best to help you start your business.