Newly Designed Compact Machine

In the Beyazli group, our expert engineers newly designed and produced Compact machines which are so efficient for our customers. If you ask yourself why it is economic to buy, you should surely read this article.

Our company produces six different kinds of compact machines. Let me list them for you.

1 – Eco 5.1 semi-automatic

2 - Classic 5.1 semi-automatic system

3 - Elegance 5.1 semi-automatic system

4 - Avantgarde 5.1 fully automatic system

5 – Bricklaying diamond 8.1

6 – Bricklaying diamond 12.1




These models have different capacities and automation systems, but all of them are able to produce ready mix concrete - asmolen - concrete blocks - paving blocks - garden blocks and others with the same machine. For more info click here.

Actually there are some main reasons for your choice of this machine. I will provide some advantages of a compact machine.


Reasonable price and low investment cost

In comparison with other companies in our sector that aims to get high profitability and trying to sell in the beginning equipment which you maybe do not need; we designed a patented compact machine. In this kind of model, we have removed a lot of equipment that is not necessary to start manufacturing, allowing you to investwith a low cost of ownership and with our modular equipment according to future demands.

eco 5.1 classic 5.1 elegance 5.1 avantgarde 5.1 bricklaying diamond 8.1 bricklaying diamond 12.1
price/euro 52,367 77,508 89,880 124,953 79,705 89,854


High Production Capacity

About the production capacity which is the most significant subject for customers and also affects labor costs: in our compact machines, we considered that all commands will be given through the computer system as a process sequence. In this way when we compare our system against the human-controlled type, the compact machine is able to produce more efficient and high capacity products because of removing pause and standby time.

Low energy use – minimum consumption

About the electrical consumption which is one of the most expensive costs in the production: we used special motors in our machines using low current and supplying high performance. With compact machines that totally power usage is 22 kW  _one of the lowest consumption in its area_ the energy costs reflected the production costs to a minimum level. Energy consumption that we provide is less than compared with the closest competitor.

Needs less place for construction area

Besides to avoid difficulty other manufacturer companies designed their machines with mortar systems from the ground during the montage process: we designed our patented model compact machine with using technological developments and high engineering services.

Low infrastructure and montage expense

For new construction plants, infrastructure work is very difficult and montage expense is too much: plants which will be installed in a big area, need to prepare heavy concrete floor and appear expense for roofing. By the way, we keep a low area for installation compact machines that we minimized expenses for preparing concrete floor and obligation to roof.

Easy and economical shipment with demounted design

equipment in the systems are designed by mortar from the ground that needs a big area for construction, make difficulties for shipment and for buyers, because of making by welding and complete type: in the result of that growth of the container volumes and the interim transportation are caused by the high prices of other transportation - such as drainage vineyards. in the demount compact system, we developed against this problem we provided a great advantage to our customers in the way that we do not have to weld all the equipment but we will combine them with bolts.

Upgradable production quality with modular spare parts

As opposed to many pieces of equipment that competitive companies are trying to sell by forcing them out of production and causing your initial investment costs to rise to higher levels: we produced optional - modular equipment that can be purchased as a basic model and can be added to the system as needed.

Ability to produce different products by ergonomic design

Against the other companies that want to sell for every new production a new machine, we designed a compact machine that added a small number of optional components to the system that you can make many different products in one facility.

Standard quality production with weighing mortar system

The most important criterion for ready mixed concrete and products is to supply the same quality product continuously and on the same standard market. The spare part that do not provide continuity in the market will cause you to lose your brand value in the market and you will lose your customers.

Electrical panels work in every energy conditions

Except for other manufacturing companies designed standard - one type of electrical panels which are not suitable for operating efficiently in the construction area or not shown the expected performance, we designed special energy panels, suitable for natural conditions, not affected by dusty area and can be adapted for different energy values.

By the way, it's time to buy a compact, isn’t it?????


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