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In the Beyazli group, our expert engineers newly designed and produced Compact machines which are so efficient for our customers. If you ask yourself why it is economic to buy, you should surely read this article.

Last days construction activity is growing day by day. With increasing the sector of the construction industry, hollow block-making machines become even more important. The primary ingredients of the hollow block are cement, water, gravel. All the raw materials are required for production. One of the important parts is mortar proportions.

For the construction industry, a concrete batching plant is one of the most important pieces of equipment. We all know that a  concrete batching plant is a system to make concrete needed with aggregate, cement, water, and concrete additive materials.

Especially these days if you have a plan to produce any kind of concrete products such as concrete hollow blocks or solid blocks, concrete paving blocks, curbstones, or others you need to purchase a concrete block making machine...

A concrete batching plant is the general name of the facilities where materials such as gravel, sand, water, and cement are mixed in certain proportions and filled with trans mixers and ready-mixed concrete is produced. All of the materials are added with the right ratio is an important thing for best quality concrete.With this article, we will examine about Concrete Batching Plant price 2021 Vess 60 m3/h that is stationary.


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VESS which has been an organization of Beyazlı Group has begun the commercial activities as manufacturing Hollow Block Machines, Concrete Plants, Moulding Industry  since 2007. It is a leader of industry sector which aims to grow rapidly with the experienced and expert staff...


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