The paving block is one of the most popular construction materials using almost all around the world. If you have a plan to produce high-quality paving blocks then you need to buy a paving block making machine.

In this case, there are several different options you can prefer. In our company, we produce high quality fully automatic paving block machines. With our paving block machines, it is possible to produce not only concrete paving blocks but also it is possible to produce concrete hollow blocks, curbstones or other concrete products too.

Paving block making machines for the production of paving blocks is distinguished by a fairly simple control technology in addition to its low cost. Management of equipment for the manufacture of paving blocks does not require a complex program and special equipment with our block making machines. If you want to start your own business for the production of paving blocks, you just need to order from our company.

Our main aim is to produce machines for paving blocks that will fully satisfy all the needs of customers, to achieve universal standards, performing economic and technological miscalculations. Without sacrificing quality for the production of paving block making machines.



Paving block making machines for sale

We are developing technologies in accordance with international standards, our concrete block making machines for the production of paving blocks (concrete hollow blocks, slabs, heat block, cinder block, curbstones and other kind blocks of different sizes can be produced by changing the mold.

We guarantee to our customers for purchasing the paving block making machines for the production of paving blocks; design, spare parts service, commissioning, management training course, continuous consultation during the purchase and after.

The principle of our company is to lead in quality and price in the industrial market and to satisfy the needs of customers paving block machines. We symbolize trust in the industrial market, thanks to the fact that we guarantee quality and low price, we help our customers during the purchase, but during the after-sales period. We also provide expert advice on the best choice of concrete block making machines.




Concrete block making machines

Our concrete block machines have the ability to produce almost all concrete products, just enough to change the mold. Block making machines for the production of concrete blocks, this is the best option for you if you think about producing any concrete different products. You can produce any concrete products in the solution of which may be; slag, sand, crumbs of coal, seashells, sawdust, etc.

But if you specifically describe which products can be produced, then this is Paving blocks, hollow blocks (any density), partition block, cinder block, curbstones, pavement drain, lawn grate.




Paving block making machines price

The price of paving block making machines in our company depends on the productivity of the machine. Also, its automation affects the cost of the machine, we have 3 types of machine automation. A frequently asked question from potential buyers is the price of a high-quality durable paving block machines. The answer to this question is multiple, as no firm has a pricing policy that converges.

But given some nuances, everyone can understand the price and quality. Paving block making machines price, in our company you can buy any paving block making machines at low prices and high-quality standards.



 Paving block making machines

In order to produce high-quality paving blocks, you need to buy any paving block making machines. Below you can read the technical information exactly the machines that we produce for the production of paving blocks.

 A semi-automatic paving block machine is one of the most popular types of machines preferred by the customers. The automatic machine itself does not differ from that of a semi-automatic machine, but with the help of robots located at the machine’s outlet the pallets are transported not by carts but by a loader that quickly takes them some pallets and the system allows you to operate fewer personal.

So in this case, if you have an old type paving block machine or if the daily capacity production is not enough for your business, we recommend that you can purchase semi-automatic paving block machines.

Fully automatic paving block making machines operate completely automatically, and only one worker is required to work with a forklift. These paving block making machines are more expensive than other options. We recommend for big companies or if you have a huge project for producing concrete paving blocks, concrete hollow blocks, curbstones, or other kinds.



 Paving block moulds

This is equipment for the production of concrete stock by pressing. Our company is producing them, the steel grade we use (ST-52), we try to use the latest European technologies in the manufacture of moulds.

Also, for the paving molds, we use a special manufacturing technology a unique laser cutting technology without using tools. Using this kind of technology, the mould lasts much longer than the moulds with the classic manufacturing method, and wear out evenly. To buy moulds for paving blocks, we have different options for the moulds that you need.




If you want to produce high-quality concrete pavings, you must purchase any automatic or fully automatic paving making machines. When you contact us, we recommend that you contact us for more information and other types of machines. A concrete paving block making machine is one of the best options that you can produce almost all kinds of concrete blocks according to your needs.